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We want our customers to be well informed so that they know what to expect from their lawn and what to expect from us. Your lawn may look incredible at certain time of the year, but may struggle at other times. There are many variables that make direct impacts to your lawn, such as moisture, lack of it, heat, or extreme control. We believe our Alabama Lawns program to be the best in the Montgomery area because the products we use are second to none in our industry, and our technicians take great pride in the service they provide. However, the best of management plans can still be altered by certain “uncontrollables.”epa-logo2

The truth is every Bermudagrass/Zoysia lawn in Middle Alabama is different, having its own inherent strengths and weaknesses based on its environment. They all have the same needs: fertilization, weed control, disease prevention, aeration & over-seeding, deep & quality soil, sunlight, water, proper drainage, correct mowing practices and favorable weather. Will some lawns we treat always look better than others? Absolutely. It depends on how many “controllables” are practiced and how the “uncontrollables” affect each lawn. Weather has a huge effect on your lawn’s condition. Warm season grass like Bermuda grass/ Zoysia thrives during the warmer months, especially during the summer.  Proper watering habits and proper mowing habits are the two areas that the homeowner can create the greatest effect in our program and the appearance to their lawn.”


  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control 
  • Disease Prevention
  • Mowing 
  • Irrigation


  • Weather
  • Soil Quality
  • Lack of Adequate Sunlight
  • Lack of Rainfall 






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